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Enrollment for the 19/20 school year has closed. All orders were due by November 25, 2019.



The testing window opens March 23, 2020 and closes April 17, 2020. All testing must be done during this time-frame. 

The testing window for 2020/2021 school year will be March 22, 2021-April 16, 2021.



ACTS is pleased to announce our selection of Data Recognition Corp/CTB as our standardized test vendor, beginning with the spring 2015 testing season. ACTS will implement CTB’s TerraNova®, Third Edition to replace the existing SAT/10 assessments- which are no longer being normed. ACTS has been doing its due diligence in determining whether we would continue with our present SAT/10 assessments. After careful consideration TerraNova 3 was selected and now offers:



    *High quality, technically sound tests that minimize bias and maximize accuracy.


    *Great design, innovation, technical excellence, and content.


    *Current norms derived from a national empirical study that mirror your students.


    *Online reporting and analysis with easy access to achievement data to drive instruction.


    *Under the terms of this 5 year agreement, Data Recognition Corp/CTB will provide the test materials, scoring, home report, and online reporting system for $19.50/student. This amount includes shipping with the exception of international schools.


    *Robust professional development from Data Recognition Corp/CTB that includes information about test administration, managing test materials, understanding reports, analyzing data, and connecting test results to inform decisions about school improvement and instruction as well as research-based best practices.


    We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Data Recognition Corp/CTB, the leader in the assessment market. Contact our office for additional information to assist you in making a smooth transition to TerraNova 3.



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