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Standardized Testing



ACTS continues its partnership with Data Recognition Corp as our standardized test partner. Through this partnership, ACTS schools have the option to implement DRC's s TerraNova®, Third Edition. TerraNova 3 was selected and now offers:



    *High quality, technically sound tests that minimize bias and maximize accuracy.


    *Great design, innovation, technical excellence, and content.


    *Current norms derived from a national empirical study that mirror your students.


    *Online reporting and analysis with easy access to achievement data to drive instruction.


    *Under the terms of this agreement, Data Recognition Corp will provide the test materials, scoring, home report, and online reporting system for a flat fee. This amount includes shipping with the exception of international schools.  School Heads will receive emails with order detials mid to late fall each year.


    *Robust professional development from Data Recognition Corp that includes information about test administration, managing test materials, understanding reports, analyzing data, and connecting test results to inform decisions about school improvement and instruction as well as research-based best practices.


    We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Data Recognition Corp, the leader in the assessment market. Contact our office for additional information to assist you in making a smooth transition to TerraNova 3.

Please contact our office for questions and ordering assistance.

Testing Window for 2023-2024 SY:  March 18 through April 12, 2024

(based on industry standards of testing window viablity)



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