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Member Benefits

Standardized Testing Discounts 

ACTS is pleased to announce our selection of McGraw-Hill Education CTB as our standardized test vendor, beginning with the spring 2015 testing season. ACTS will implement CTB’s TerraNova®, Third Edition to replace the existing SAT/10 assessments. Check out our Standardized Testing tab on the top of the page for more details. 


Curriculum Discounts

5% discount on Bob Jones University Press curriculum. Up to 10% off during promotional time periods. 



Special rate for student accident insurance is available through Specialty Market. Medical insurance is available through the AIGILIS Corporation at

See more information here.

Employee and Volunteer Screening 

Discounted background screening by ACCUFAX. ACCUFAX helps you find the people and the companies with the highest caliber of character and integrity, while ensuring you mitigate risk by keeping you in compliance with federal background check regulations. To use their services call 800 256-8898 and tell them you are an ACTS school.

Professional Development by Simple K12.


Health Resource Services (HRS)-Intalere


ACTS and National Counsel of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) has partnered with Health Resource Services/Intalere (HRS) to bring you a wider offering of discounts. HRS has been providing our members with discounts on products and services for over 30 years. NCPSA’S partnership with HRS is designed to bring even more value to your NCPSA membership because the access to national contracts through HRS is free to you.


To access the HRS vendors, click the link and fill out the registration form on the right side of the page. An HRS representative will be in contact with you soon after to complete your registration and provide assistance with contacting our contracted vendors.


Our vendor partners include:


•Food Distribution

•Verizon Wireless

•Security Solutions

•Office Depot / Max

•School Supplies

•Athletic Supplies


•Facility Maintenance Supplies

•Medical Supplies

•and many more!





Registering to become an HRS member is free and easy. Here’s how to sign up:


1. Go to:

2. Follow the instructions in the “Join Now” banner on the right side


If you have any questions about the HRS program, please contact: Mary DeLancy at or 206.515.5205

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