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     The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools is a non-profit organization that strives to set new standards of Christ-centered academic excellence while assisting Christian schools to realize the highest level of educational credibility. We are passionately committed to a Biblical Worldview that is consistent with God's Word, building partnerships with Christian schools, and serving current and prospective members with resources, consulting, advice, and mentoring.
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​  ACTS Northwest Regional Conference
           March 27-28, 2014 Redmond, WA

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A Book is Every Child's Hand
Eternity Christian School, Houston, Texas

Our third grade students collected 2,000 books from many sources to give out free to the community. The students wanted to win kids to the Lord, so inside each book they made ABC Salvation Book Marks. While the students were handing out the free books a U-haul truck pulled up, a husband and his wife has a company that buys books for the children's hospitals in Houston and gave the students another 500 books to give out. 

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